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Choosing the Perfect Sofa

The moment eventually comes around for everyone: It’s time to get a new sofa. While this experience can be a burden, whether it’s fighting against indecisiveness or having separation anxiety about parting with the current sofa, we all share the same struggle. In order to put your mind at ease during your next search for the perfect sofa, Kravet has turned to the design experts, who have some guidance in choosing the perfect sofa, to share some helpful advice. What we discovered is essential to turning this impossible task into an overall positive experience. Focus your sofa search on fulfilling the five key aspects: comfort, mood, customization, practicality and personal preference.

Aspect #1: comfort -Windsor Smith
According to Windsor Smith, the most common need when looking for a new sofa is comfort. This is a purchase that will become not just a decoration, but a staple in your home or space for years to come. When comfortable, a sofa can become your new solace and friend, but if it lacks that much needed comfort, you will most likely find yourself counting down the years until it is time to purchase a new one. “I don’t own a sofa that isn’t at least 40 inches deep, so I can curl up. Anything shallower feels like it belongs in a dentist’s lobby,” say Smith.

Aspect #2: mood – Barbara Barry
Barbara Barry, who enjoys working with a variety of patterns, colors and textures, explains that when it comes to choosing a sofa, the color will dictate the mood of the entire room. Often acting as a main focal point of a space, a sofa has the power to incite a certain atmosphere that will be evident to any person who enters. Barry explains, “To establish calm, I upholster sofas in a solid that’s the same color as the walls and curtains.” Therefore, be careful in choosing a sofa, make sure the color compliments the room in the way you would like it to, creating the desired mood.

Aspect #3: customization – David Easton
Designer David Easton acknowledges an important lesson: certain sofas are right for certain rooms. “If you have 8-foot ceilings, you’ll want a low sofa, which gives the impression that the ceiling is taller than it is. In a room with a high ceiling, you want a high-back sofa to be a weighty presence that can hold up the room.” People spend so much time choosing the perfect sofa because they want it to look good so don’t comprise the look of the room by choosing an ill-fitting shaped sofa. This principle coincides with Easton’s strong belief that the architecture of a room should always be respected while decorating. Make sure to follow the rules and customize your sofa needs in order to make the room look the best it possibly can.

Aspect #4: practicality – Alexa Hampton
As a working mother, Alexa Hampton knows that when looking for a sofa, practicality takes priority. She believes in a fresh approach to classic, traditional styling, all while displaying the perfect amount of warmth and softness. “As a mother of three, my sofa needs are few, but firmly formulated: I needed my sofa to be comfortable and maintainable. So I selected a tight-back Bridgewater style, because it requires minimal fluffing (just the seat) to appear tidy. The saddle arm cradles my neck perfectly during naps, and although tufting is a detail I love on sofas, I avoided it because, with young children, tufts collect crumbs. I may turn to my sofa for naps but I don’t want to turn to it for snacks. Yuck!” Therefore, make sure to choose a sofa that will make your life easier, not harder.

Aspect #5: personal preference – Suzanne Rheinstein
Lastly, Suzanne Rheinstein reminds us that while searching for a new sofa, remember that this process is about you so always adhere to your own personal preferences. “I like 80% down, 20% feathers in my sofa cushions. Though I prefer 100% down in the decorative pillows.” It doesn’t matter if you have incredibly high standards or an extremely unique sense of style, you should always choose the sofa that will make you happiest.

Now, the next time you find yourself in the market for a new sofa remember the five key aspects: comfort, mood, customization, practicality and personal preference and I ensure you that you’ll end up with the perfect sofa to accent your space.


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