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About Beydoun Decorative Fabrics

Beydoun Decorative Fabrics is proud to join forces with many leading brands in decoration to cater for professionals in the field with the best available service. We are online with these brands and we service each order with the utmost dedication. Our showroom is one of superb places where you can select your fabrics, trim, wallpaper and more in a quiet and calm environment. No one to hassle you to choose but you are free to select and wonder around the superb collections from all over the world at your fingertip. It is over a nice expresso that you can assort the fabrics, textures and colors and decorative items for your interior. We ship to Beirut from around the world in ten days for ready goods and use the best in freight shipment and delivery services. Our goal is not to place orders but to place a smile on your face when it comes to your interior. We are Beydoun Decorative Fabrics. Contact us, visit us not to buy but to enrich your world with beauty.


Down memory lane

In the year 1920 Fouad Beydoun establishes a company that will import from Europe and the USA the commodities that were lacking in the region. The company grew thanks to the hub they created in Beirut port. This went on until one of the sons i.e. the second generation decides to immigrate to the USA just after WWII and specialized in shipping goods from the continent to the hub. The other sons were on the receiving end making sure the supply channels concentrates on the lack of textile and its byproducts. During the war that ravaged Lebanon in 1975 and following the burning down of all their stored goods, the company had to look for new markets but never loosing faith in Lebanon.

In the late 1980s the third generation joined in what became a superb network for supplying fabrics not only in Lebanon but through out the Middle East. The company based in Beirut strategy became more focused on the retail aspect of the trade and started to emphasis more on decorative fabrics supplied from the US and with an opening on Europe and its taste for luxurious home fabrics. The New York office was threading more with the gulf clients.

In 1995 Fouad Beydoun & Fils opened its first retail store to cater for the high quality fabrics. This trend went on to with many more point of sales that made the rise of this name a reference in the fabrics industry on the market. Goods were selected during International fairs as well as in the creative design offices of many European firms. Up to date designs and colors along with the highest qualities were on a constant flow in the Beydoun’s showrooms making many homes owners more than happy to furnish their interior with style.

2005 saw a turn in the company strategy that took years to implement and the focus was to back away from the retail side of the trade due to many factors that ranged from the critical situation as well as the sudden influx of Chinese goods. The market was being constantly flooded with cheap imitation of the successful design of the European fabric makers.

2009 was to become decisive when Hisham Beydoun the architect of many of the recent changes in the Beydoun company decided to open a brand new concept that focused on high end brands from the most renowned suppliers of “cut length” fabrics business.

Kravet Fabrics which has grown in notoriety and expanded its collections to reach an unprecedented library of endless taste, design, colors and textures was to be the main attraction in the showcase that opened in 2010 and specialized in catering for the professionals like decorators, interior architects and contractor.

Many more brands with a history in this field were added to the collections, each contributing to add spices to an existing melting pot in this decorative niche. The superb trust that was built over years of business cooperation and to which mutual respect and confidence was added only made collaboration between the Beydouns and its international suppliers more of a tale. A story of love of fabrics, love of the innovative texture, up to date as well a classical and even museum designs and superb colors.

A tribute to the men behind this success story who paved the way each in his own perseverance, vision and dedication.

Fouad Beydoun (1890-1986)

  • Amin Beydoun (1924-2011)
    • Fouad Beydoun 1957
    • Mirwan Beydoun 1959
  • Ghassan Beydoun (1927-2010)
    • Wissam Beydoun 1961
    • Hisham Beydoun 1962
    • Talal Beydoun 1968
  • Nabil Beydoun (1933-2011)


Many more should be added to this list, as they were also the superb team behind this success…

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Beydoun Fabrics Showroom
Beydoun Fabrics Showroom
Beydoun Fabrics Showroom
Beydoun Fabrics Showroom


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